New Skates! Jackson Men’s Elite 5362

Jackson Ultima
2 min readNov 18, 2020


When good things get better, they become GREAT!

Jackson Ultima is the industry leader because they invest in continually improving, just like you. It is a pleasure to announce the new MEN’S ELITE DJ5362 made in Suede leather, providing excellent durability and performance!

Comfort of the MEN’S ELITE DJ5362 increases by a new softer, rolled collar and re-designed back strap. A premium combination of increased instep wrap and split leather internal material coupled with Jackson’s proprietary heat molding process give a comfortable performance fit. Inside, feet will be warmer cradled in memory foam and high-performance perforated micro-
fiber. Our micro-fiber lining has added anti-bacterial properties to keep feet safe along with its natural trait of wicking moisture away from feet.

Redesigned Soft Rolled Collar

Fitted with the advanced LCF sole combining lightweight, water and torque resistance through use of space-age Carbon Fiber. The LCF sole also provides unparalleled shock absorption by combining cork and leather. Finished by a high durometer rubber, skater’s get the best blade fit of any boot in the industry.

6000 Series Tongue

Completing this perfect match of technologies and innovation is Jackson’s SUPREME tongue. Harnessing the proven use of high grade felt, skaters’ get a tongue with strength and support, but absolute feel of comfort. Design of the SUPREME tongue focuses on how ankles flex to enhance the skater’s natural mechanics to do jumps, spins, and choreography moves. The tongue’s pieces are molded and constructed in layers to enhance mechanics, not restrict it. Wearers will notice the elimination of lace bunching when flexing — a FIRST for figure skaters, the SUPREME tongue’s lace separators keep lace’s support evenly spread over your foot ligaments. Reviews of this new tongue have been amazing.

Elevate your skating to the podium, look for the New MEN’S ELITE DJ5362 at your local Jackson Retailer.



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