Ice Skating Outdoors: Equipment Maintenance & Safety Tips

You get what you pay for: Buy a quality pair of skates

  • Pro-tip: if you’re invested in recreational skating, check out Softec by Jackson Ultima. These affordable boot & blade combos are *ultra* comfortable.

Sharpen Your Blades!

  • Pro tip: you can buy a skate stone or a Sweet-Stick to maintain your edge between sharpening, but these tools should never replace a proper sharpening. Make sure to ask your sharpener for advice before you take a stone to your blades and watch your fingers!

Protect Your Blades

  • Pro tip: you can also transport your skates in a soft guard when they aren’t on your feet. Just make sure that you air out your blade completely in a dry area after use. If you leave your guards on for a prolonged period, especially hard guards in a humid environment (*cough — damp basements — cough*), your blades will rust! This can require multiple sharpenings to repair.

Moisture: Your Skate’s Worst Enemy.

Stay Safe:

Protect Your Noggin

Trust In Your Shocks!

That’s it for the do’s and don’ts, enjoy your outdoor skating experience!



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